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Prevent bank feed errors caused by popups

Nominal uses direct connection from your desktop to the online banking to login and retrieve your bank records.

This is done by Internet explorer automation, Nominal reads the bank's website content, enters the data in the right fields and clicks the right buttons.

Using the bank feed is a simple as entering your credentials and then selecting the bank accounts to import from and the Nominal account to import to. 

This system depends on Nominal being able to access the bank's system in a standard way, sometimes this is not possible due to popup blocker's that do not enable Internet explorer to lo into the bank, or because of certain messages the bank show before getting to the actual online banking.

On this page are a few examples of such cases, you need to make sure that any such popup blockers or messages are dismissed before Nominal can connect to your online banking account. The easiest way is to login once manually using Internet Explorer and to see that the process works correctly.

These are a few of the scenarios that need to be dismissed before Nominal can access the online banking system:

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