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SalesForce Integration

Salesforce is probably one of the most common cloud solutions and Nominal micro business management software will not be complete without offering our customers an easy way to integrate to Salesforce.

Nominal and Saleforce integrationSalesforce is a CRM software that offers a comprensive solution to different businesses types and sizes, we've focused on retreiving the most relevant information for our micro business customers.


Using the Nominal to Salesforce integration you're able to import the following data from your Salesforce account:

* Turn contacts into Nominal customer cards

* Import accounts into Nominal customer cards

* Convert Salesforce opportunities to Nominal invoices and into your general ledger


In order to use this integration into your Nominal micro business management software you'll need the following:

* Salesforce username

* Salesforce password

* Salesforce token

Depending on the kind of subscription type you have with Salesforce you may need to contact Salesforce to activate your API


Do let us know if you have a way to make this a better solution for your Micro business.

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