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How to use Nominal for iPhone

This is a short, step by step, tutorial on how to create and access your Company file using Nominal for iPhone.

1. Create a company file

We will start with creating a new company file, if you already have a create a company data file (cdf) you can proceed to step 3


2. Enter the company details for your new company file.


3. Select "Sync Mobile" from the File menu

4. If you don't already have a Nominal account. Select the register tab to create a new account - Otherwise skip to step 5.
Enter the required details to register your new account and prepare your online area. (including ABN - which is used as an identifier for your business)

5. Switch to the Login tab and enter your login and password to synchronise your file.

6. Nominal shows a progress bar describing the synchronisation process.

At this stage Nominal copies data from the desktop file to the online file and from the online file to the desktop file. 

7. Launch your Nominal App on the iPhone and enter your login and password created earlier.

8. Nominal displays a list of your Company files. Select the file that you want to work on.

Hopefully this tutorial has been clear and that you've happy with your Nominal iPhone App.
We would appreciate any feedback as well as positive iPhone store feedback :-)

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