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Harvest Integration

Nominal is making micro business management simpler in many ways. Lately we've added Harvest to the long and growing list of online sources available to you.

Nominal now offers integration of your Harvest data straight into Nominal.

The kinds of data that is currently avilable to you is:

* Load harvest categories into Nominal expense accounts

* Import customers into Nominal customer cards

* Synchronise your invoices from Harvest to Nominal to be added to your general ledger

* Expenses - convert your Harvest expense records to Nominal spend money transactions.


Nominal utilises the Harvest API and only requires you to provide the following details:

* Havest domain - such as your <nominal>

* Harvest username and password.


It's really that simple to get it going... give it a try and comment if you can think of ways to make it better.

Or if you have any other ideas how to make Nominal better at managing your micro business

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